AR communities: how & when to use them

Feb 12, 2020

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AR communities: how & when to use them

There is no denying analyst relations is a niche field. Most of us stumbled into this profession and are working hard to keep it growing. But by sheer numbers, we’re a small portion of technology and services industry professionals. Additionally, many of us are in companies where we’re the only person doing analyst relations, or we’re working remotely, and don’t have the opportunity to connect with peers as large in-house teams do.

With these factors in mind, it can be easy to feel a little isolated from our industry peers. But luckily there are many online and in-person groups who can help bring AR people together. If you’re looking for a little more AR community or new networking opportunities, here’s a collection of some AR groups and resources to check out. 

The Institute of Industry Analyst Relations

To kick off our list, we have to start with the only non-profit professional organization for analyst relations that all AR pros should consider joining. The Institute of Industry Analyst Relations is a global non-profit with long-standing chapters in the UK and Germany, and newer chapters emerging in the US. The IIAR offers its members monthly webinars to discuss current AR challenges or to hear research firm updates from research directors of analyst firms. They also have in-person parties throughout the year to bring members and analysts together, plus an online portal of analyst relations resources that are slated to be updated in 2020. IIAR members are the first to hear about new AR job postings before they’re posted to the IIAR LinkedIn group. The IIAR LinkedIn group is a great jumping-off point for getting involved in the IIAR. People post questions, ask for advice, and help other AR members be notified of what’s happening in AR. 

Women in Analyst Relations

Just like it sounds, Women in Analyst Relations is a LinkedIn group solely for female AR pros. This group connects not only AR topics but also on empowering each other. They frequently share topics related to women in the workplace and encourage senior AR pros to help mentor more junior ones. Their first event was late 2019 in London, and I suspect more events from them are to come! You can also find them on Twitter at @WomenARPros using these hashtags: #WiAR #WomenARPros #WomeninAnalystRelations

KCG Connects

KCG Connects is a two-day conference for analyst relations professionals hosted by Knowledge Capital Group in Austin, TX. AR pros come together to talk about hot button issues and AR best practices, plus networking meals. There is also a KCG Connects LinkedIn group to continue the conversation after the event.

Forrester AR Council

In addition to a base subscription, Forrester offers an add-on service known as the Forrester AR Council. The council is a network of peers, analysts, and advisors to connect you with leading practices to accelerate business growth. This group meets in-person many times a year in Boston and San Francisco. Plus, they also offer virtual meetings and peer calls to connect Council members, too.

Association of Analyst Relations Professionals

The Association of Analyst Relations Professionals is a LinkedIn group for AR pros to share expertise, ask questions, network, and find jobs. This group is one more online touchpoint to connect with other analyst relations professionals. 

Analyst Relations Job Postings

This Analyst Relations Job Postings LinkedIn group is focused on all things AR-job related. Those with AR openings post job listings here, and those looking for a new opportunity often use this channel to let others in AR know. If you’re in the market for a new gig, or if you’re in need of a great new hire, this group might be of use.

Twitter: #ARchat

Just search for the hashtag “#ARchat” and you’ll see a variety of analyst relations-related conversations from AR pros worldwide. #ARchat is used to discuss trends, questions, and news in analyst relations. It’s a great way to spark a conversation or make a connection to someone new in the industry.

Spotlight’s Happy Hour at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Orlando

That’s right – we have a community event, too! Each year Spotlight hosts a networking happy hour for analyst relations professionals to kick off Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Orlando. The evening is filled with drinks, appetizers, and connections. Our hope is that this annual party helps foster relationships between AR pros and maybe even helps AR pros connect throughout the conference week, too. Give us a follow or subscribe to our email updates below to be alerted of the next event. 

Hopefully, if you’re looking to network, ask questions, or brainstorm with other AR peers, these resources will guide you to what you need. What did we miss? Send us a message for other groups we can add to this list. 

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