Our Five Favorite Analyst Relations Resources From 2020

Jan 05, 2021

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Our Five Favorite Analyst Relations Resources From 2020

Happy New Year, AR pros! As we look forward to 2021, we couldn’t help but reflect on where we’ve been the past year. Please explore and enjoy our top analyst relations resources from 2020.

A Basic Guide to Gartner Analyst Groups

With Gartner, each group of analysts works with a different audience, speaks to different roles, and comes with its own sets of dos and don’ts for engagement. Check out our basic guide to these analyst groups and download the accompanying cheat sheet.

The Insights-Driven Approach to AR Webinar

We hear it all the time – AR pros don’t feel like what they learn from analysts is being heard and they don’t feel like how they’re measured is fair or totally in their control. This combination means AR pros are becoming increasingly busier, but not always feeling the reward. 

We know AR’s full value is untapped and unrealized, and it’s causing all of us a lot of headaches. So in this webinar, we talk about how we can change the way we work – just slightly – to improve our everyday lives.

In this webinar, we talk about what this approach is, how it can improve your planning, metrics, impact on your business, and ultimately the everyday work you do. 

Looking for more insights-driven AR? Check out our other resources and webinars on the topic.

How Analysts Perceive AR Infographic

We surveyed over 100 analysts to learn how they perceive analyst relations. Our data suggest analysts have specific opinions on what makes business relationships valuable to them, how often they recommend vendors to end-users, and more.

Download the compiled data in an easy-to-read infographic or watch the webinar to dive deeper into our learnings. 

Andrea’s Favorite Analyst Icebreakers

In our video series, “On the Spot” you’ll see us doing just that – putting our employees on the spot to give you a little insight into what their lives are like as AR professionals. Hear from Andrea Coburn, an Analyst Specialist who shares her tips for breaking the ice with analysts.

Three Things We Always Include in Speaker Preps

We believe a great way for analyst relations professionals to show value is by properly preparing their teams for every analyst conversation – and analysts appreciate this too. Check out our blog post with our tips for speaker preparation.

If you’re looking for more analyst relations resources, explore the other blogs, webinars, and industry research we’ve done. Thanks for sticking with us through such a challenging year. Cheers to a bright and hopeful 2021! 

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