Analyst Firm Influence: What’s Beyond the Big Three?

Mar 08, 2021

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Analyst Firm Influence: What’s Beyond the Big Three?

As a vendor, navigating the intricacies of which analyst firm to align and engage with can be complex. 

It’s critical to define for yourself what is important about a firm – is it their revenue, breadth of offerings, alignment with your vision, or something else? It’s no secret that Gartner, Forrester, and IDC tend to get the most attention within the analyst relations industry, but what does the rest of the firm landscape look like? 

We’ve compiled brief overviews of a few reputable and influential firms, and their coverage areas, in a quick and helpful guide. Based on your audience or influence priorities, it might be that one of the following firms is just as important to your analyst relations strategy as are the traditional powerhouses. 

451 Research

Geographic Coverage: APJ, EMEA, LATAM, NA

Established in 2000, 451 Research is well-known for being a reputable firm that provides intelligence and data expertise within emerging technology segments and mergers & acquisitions. S&P Global acquired 451 at the end of 2019. Their coverage spans Business Applications, Cloud Transformation, Datacenter Tech, Data Analytics, DevOps, IT Ops, Enterprise Mobility, European Services, and Information Security. Within this, 451 specializes in providing custom research, market dynamics, VOC, price indexing and benchmarking. The analysts at 451 have gained the reputation of being the quickest reactors to acquisitions and product launches, helping the firm to become known as one of the best options in the market for vendors looking to get ink quickly. 


Geographic Coverage: APJ, EMEA, LATAM, NA

Founded in 1999 in Boston, MA, Celent is recognized as a research, advisory, and consulting firm. Celent is focused on covering technology, through independent analysis of trends and innovations, that provides assistance to those delivering financial services. Their coverage description encompasses Capital Markets, Life & Health Insurance, Retail Banking, and Wealth & Asset Management. One of Celent’s main differentiators is VendorMatch, the firm’s vendor discovery and shortlisting tool. VendorMatch covers technology in Celent’s coverage areas, and allows users to browse the tool to see recommended vendors, which can in turn pay to enhance their company profile.

Constellation Research

Geographic Coverage: ANZ, EMEA, NA 

Constellation Research was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. The firm is well-known for its outspoken and charismatic founder, R “Ray” Wang, who drives the firm’s focus on technology and the potential to mobilize exponential growth. Their coverage spans Big Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Digital Safety & Privacy, IT Consumerization, Matrix Commerce, and Next-Gen Customer Experience. The firm prides itself on offering services in the three key sectors of advisory, customer products & services, and research. It’s important to emphasize the recognition Constellation Research has acquired, although comparatively small in analyst quantity and geographic reach, the firm has accumulated a high degree of influence and respect within the analyst relations industry. 

Enterprise Strategy Group

Geographic Coverage: EMEA, NA

Established in 1999, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is headquartered in Milford, MA. They are recognized as an IT analyst, research, and strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insight to the global IT community. ESG’s coverage includes Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & Protection, Enterprise Mobility, Networking, and Storage. The firm provides services within advisory & consulting, customer content solutions, economic validation, and technical performance testing. 

Everest Group 

Geographic Coverage: APJ, EMEA, NA

Established in 1991 in Dallas, TX, Everest Group is recognized for providing customer decision support and research. The firm’s coverage is exclusively focused on service providers in Automation & AI, Business Process, Digital & Next-Gen Transformation, Global Sourcing, Information Tech Services, and Talent Expertise. In support of their coverage description, Everest Group offers services surrounding consulting, customer decision reports, memberships, and published Research. In addition to their emphasis on services, Everest Group is widely accredited for their PEAK Matrix report, which is up to standard with the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave for some vendor audiences. 

IHS Markit 

Geographic Coverage: APJ, EMEA, LATAM, NA

IHS Markit was established in 1959 in Englewood, CO, as Information Handling Services (IHS), before merging with London-based Markit in 2016. In November 2020, S&P Global merged with IHS Markit. IHS Markit is acknowledged as a global provider of critical information, analytics, and solutions. Their coverage encompasses Aerospace Defense & Security, Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, and Supply Chain. The firm offers services within advisory consulting, company analysis, economic forecasts, and industry monitoring. 


Geographic Coverage: APJ, EMEA, LATAM, NA

Established in 1982 in London, Omdia is the research and data arm of Informa. Omdia is known for their strategy and analysis by combining the resources of Ovum, Tractica and Heavy Reading. The firm’s coverage categories include AI, BlockChain, Cloud & Edge, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Media. Omdia offers access to analyst specialists, customer projects, intelligent services, and proprietary data. 


Geographic Coverage: EMEA, NA

Established in 2002 in Portland, ME, by James Governor and Stephen O’Grady, RedMonk prides itself on being one of the few developer-focused analyst firms in the industry. RedMonk’s coverage and service portfolio surround audio/video, consulting, networking, press, proactive alerts, and research & publishing. While the coverage of many industry firms relates to what developers do, RedMonk is the only firm that speaks about coverage from the perspective of developers themselves and what’s best for them. Additionally, RedMonk’s free content for all non-commercial usage, separates them in the industry. 

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While an abundance of firms exists outside of these eight, we hope this overview provides a starting point for those looking to expand their analyst relationships beyond Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. Do you have a favorite firm that we didn’t include? Let us know!

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