Jun 28, 2021

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Before we leave the month of June, let’s reflect on another aspect of workplace diversity, the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people. 

History of Pride

June is recognized as LGBTQ+ Pride Month around the world. The celebration traces back to the most important turning point in modern LGBTQ+ history, the six-day riot that started early morning June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. After years of harassment, abuse, and exploitation, the LGBTQ+ community organized, protested, and began to seek the positive, inclusive changes in the law and in our culture we enjoy today.

Stonewall was marked and celebrated one year later in the first Pride march on June 28, 1970, also in New York City. Pride grew and flourished across the United States and around the world, and has taken on many aspects – sometimes more confrontational, sometimes more celebratory. But at the heart of Pride is a diverse community of people coming together, refusing to be marginalized, and living authentic lives. Something that we can all respect. 

Pride Aligning With Spotlight’s Core Values

Living an authentic life extends into the workplace. At Spotlight, we seek to foster an inclusive working environment where people of myriad backgrounds come together and work. To accomplish this, we are guided by our Four Core Values: collaboration, honorable, persistence, and kavorka. To be Collaborative, we know we are better together, appreciative of difference, and focused on building relationships and communities, including the LGBTQ+ community. To be Honorable, we support all being honest about their lives and experiences. We only accomplish this through Persistence, always seeking to understand differences and welcome all. And it wouldn’t be Spotlight without Kavorka, finding fun that is rooted in authenticity.

In honor of Pride, we wanted to share our favorite resources when it comes to education, celebration, and honoring this day with the LGBTQ+ community: 

Spotlight’s Pick for Pride Resources

  • Historical Importance: Learn more about the Stonewall Inn where it all took place back in 1969. The Inn is now a national monument and can be visited if you’re ever in New York. 
  • Listen: Check out this local KC podcast that shares a glimpse of the LGBTQ+ community in Kansas City at that same time in history, based on the Gay and Lesbian Archives of Mid America, a special collection held at UMKC.
  • Pride Flag: Understand the representation of colors in the Pride Flag and how it has evolved over time to include people who are transgender and people of color.
  • Get Involved in your Community: Spotlight is a member of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and our own Jeff Harris is President of the Board of Directors. Learn about the programs and events local to you as you learn to celebrate Pride and its impactful meaning.
  • Follow Along: If you’re someone that enjoys learning from social media accounts, we highly recommend SoYouWantToTalkAbout. This account will cover Pride-related topics like rainbow washing, talking to your kids about gender, and the history of Pride. It also covers relevant issues like foster care, burnout, and mental health. 

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce, check out their website. Want to join an inclusive workplace? We’re hiring! Check out our Careers Page and read about our open positions. 

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