Spotlight Announces The Launch of Spotlight Oz 2

May 19, 2022

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Spotlight Announces The Launch of Spotlight Oz 2

KANSAS CITY, MO. (MAY 2, 2022) – Spotlight, a leading analyst relations (AR) firm, today announced the launch of Spotlight Oz 2. Built for AR professionals by AR professionals, Oz 2 is the go-to platform to help AR teams streamline workflows, efficiently capture data and insights, and share analytics leveraging the platform’s dashboard tool. 

“Spotlight Oz 2 is the first and only platform that truly delivers on the promise of insights-driven analyst relations. It improves collaboration across analyst relations teams, allows for the seamless capture of insights and offers unmatched reporting capabilities,” said Rick Nash, CEO. “With Oz 2, we’re confident that our customers will be able to run best-in-class AR programs that also make them true, strategic partners within their organizations.”

Rick Nash, CEO & Co-Founder

A few noteworthy features include:

  • Insights Feed: Stay in-the-know with real-time updates from your team. Whether you lead a team or run AR solo, Spotlight Oz surfaces the data you need at-a-glance to win the day and ensure your program is running effectively.
  • Interaction Management: Align your team with repeatable workflows for the essentials of insights-driven AR execution, from prioritization and planning to preparation and insight capture. 
  • Dashboard: With Spotlight Oz 2’s fully-customizable dashboard, users can select what metrics matter most to them, add filters to track progress on an initiative and view sentiment changes over time.
  • Explore: Users can leverage the power of Spotlight’s scale with a new search experience for finding new analysts, learning more about their coverage, and identifying key analyst insights about their industries.

Join us for a public webinar on June 9th where we plan to demo the product!

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