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Insights-Driven AR

We hear it all the time – AR pros don’t feel like what they learn from analysts is being heard and they don’t feel like how they’re measured is fair or totally in their control. This combination means AR pros are becoming increasingly busier, but not always feeling the reward. 

We know AR’s full value is untapped and unrealized, so in this webinar series, we talk about how we can change the way we work – just slightly – to improve our everyday lives. Check out our insights-driven approach to analyst relations in this four-part series.

How Analysts Perceive Analyst Relations 2021 Webinar

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Hear the results from our survey of over 80 analysts. Find out how they perceive analyst relations and what AR pros can do to improve.

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Advanced AR Techniques

This five-part webinar series reviews best practice solutions to some common – and tough – analyst relations challenges.

Learn about prioritizing the right industry analysts, planning activity with context and purpose, making the biggest impact in your next evaluation report, and ways to measure your AR program.

Staffing and Recruiting Challenges in AR

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We surveyed analyst relations professionals to find out what hiring challenges we face that are similar and different.

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Evangelizing AR

Selling AR internally can take a lot of time. But we believe it has to be prioritized over the day-to-day busyness of AR. When people “get it” it makes our jobs as AR pros much easier. 

This three-part webinar series reviews how to overcome objections to AR, how to show AR program momentum, and real-life examples of AR in action.

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