Why Open Up To Analysts

by Kara Mickletto

June 10, 2021

Why Open Up To Analysts

Have you ever felt hesitant to share your organization’s challenges with an industry analyst? You’re not alone. At Spotlight, we see every day how being transparent with key analysts for your program can create an impact that goes deeper than annual evaluative research. 

Think about it: Industry analysts are engaging with not only leaders at your targeted buyer’s organizations, but also conversing with key competitors. We get it. Sharing sensitive information with a third party can feel a bit vulnerable. Analysts are professionals and eager to help your organization address challenges. We have a blog post that dives deeper into what to do when analysts work alongside your competitors and their confidentiality towards your organization on our resources page

Approach analyst conversations with true transparency by sharing wins and challenges within your organization, and it can help foster a mutually beneficial relationship. By “lifting the curtain,” it unveils the opportunity to hear expert, unbiased feedback in areas you are seeking. 

So, how do you create an open, two-way dialogue with leading analysts? Check out our five ways to help foster an authentic relationship with your targeted analysts. 

5 Transparency Engagement Strategies

Tell analysts your struggles. This one totally seems like a trap. It’s hard to be honest about your organization’s shortcomings, but hear us out. If you are transparent on your pain points and weaknesses, analysts can help you navigate by providing recommendations and offering potential solutions. Remember, they are a wealth of knowledge and positioned to help provide impactful advice.

Present your roadmap and vision. It’s ok to not have all the answers. If you need guidance and insight on where to go next when it comes to your organization’s roadmap – just ask! Analysts are responsible for understanding research market trends and the needs of market buyers. Do you have new ideas? Run it by them to help confirm if you’re on the right track.

Use them as a springboard for your messaging. Is your company being perceived in the market the way you intended? Try your sales pitch or run your messaging by the analysts. They know the perception of your company in the market and how to emphasize your key differentiators.

Fill gaps in your product offering by discussing acquisitions. Analysts can help brainstorm possible acquisition opportunities. Bring them in on your conversations early. They will appreciate the inclusion, as that shows a high-level of trust.

Schedule interactions on a consistent basis and keep conversations flowing. The more you share with them, the more open they will be to providing industry and company specific insight you really need. They don’t expect you to be “all the things” in your market. 

A Building Block to Your Relationship

The moral of the story, don’t be reluctant to open up to analysts. They will appreciate the transparency and this will create a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. The more honest organizations are with analysts, the more specific insight they can provide. Analysts are people too, so show them some love!  

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