It’s Time To Upgrade Your Inquiry Approach. Here’s How.

Mar 29, 2021

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It’s Time To Upgrade Your Inquiry Approach. Here’s How.

Analysts are powerful tools that enable us to be more efficient when building our business. They can help streamline the prioritization of product features, and also ensure products and services get into the right hands of users faster. Inquiries with industry analysts lead to business insights that drive better communications, products, and services. The two-way communication that takes place during an inquiry is key to making things happen. Our recent survey found that in 2020, AR professionals are using inquiries more than ever before to gain insight from the analyst community. In this Spotlight blog, we share six tips you can use to improve your analyst inquiries and ensure you’re getting as much value as possible from these interactions.

Spotlight’s 6 Key Tips

Focus the topic – Because analyst inquiries are so valuable, there can be a lot that leaders want to cover in a short amount of time. Try to work with your team to identify one key theme for each 30-minute engagement. It’s better to have multiple conversations than trying to fit too many questions in one single inquiry.

Prioritize your questions – Time flies when you’re having fun! Select the top three questions you need answered in the inquiry to make sure they are covered. If you have remaining time, you’ll be able to cover the rest of your questions. 

Read the analysts’ most recent work – Analysts are writing about a myriad of topics in their given field. Review their most relevant research to your identified theme. This can help as you craft questions and help create a tie between your organizations’ work and trends they’ve identified in the market.

Be intentional – Building off of number three, be specific with your questions. It’s easier for analysts to have an opinion on a specific product functionality or service offer versus a broad opinion on your offering in the marketplace.

Identify the desired outcome – Is the purpose of your inquiry to help prioritize a new product line? Validate a value prop? Or perhaps provide guidance for your sales and marketing teams? Understanding the key results of your inquiry will help ensure that everyone walks away with the information they need for the next steps.

Prepare in advance – Strategizing and sharing your specific questions ahead of time allows the analyst to review and prepare for your meeting. Send them an email with the finalized list of questions 24-hours in advance of your inquiry. 

Impact Your Business With Inquiry Insights

Inquiries are not simply a time for Q+A with industry analysts. Conversations that take place during an inquiry are key to your business’ success. Analysts’ feedback can share insight on strategic business initiatives that help internal teams prioritize, shift and perfect their work. 
To learn more about our annual What It Means To Be An AR Pro survey and the results, check out our webinar here. For other best practices check out our library of resources.

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