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What is analyst relations?

Industry analysts that work for firms like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC serve business and technology leaders of the Fortune 500. They research technology and service companies to make buying recommendations to these enterprise clients.

Analyst relations is the business function within a technology or services company that builds relationships with specific industry analysts. The goal of these relationships is to learn from the analysts and to hopefully be recommended by the analysts to their enterprise clients.

What does Spotlight do?

Using our proprietary analyst relations platform and catalog of best practices, we connect our technology vendor and digital agency clients with industry analysts. We also offer training, resources, and technology to the greater AR community to help them build better relationships with analysts, too.

Why a career in AR might be your niche

We don’t care if you’ve never heard of analyst relations, or if you’ve spent your whole career in it. We look for enthusiastic, first-class talent who are willing to be trained in an awesome environment with the drive to become better professionals.

If you are someone who is collaborative, persistent, and honorable – and fun to be around – Spotlight might be the right fit for you.

How we work and grow together

We invest in our people

We are only as good as our employees are, so we take professional and personal growth seriously. We’ll help build your skills, give you at-bats, and move your career forward.

We cheer for each other

We believe in giving both accolades and a supporting hand to lift each other up through successes and failures. We’re less “cut throat” and more “high-fives” around here.

We trust our employees

Whether you need to head out early for a child’s school recital or crank out work from a coffee shop, we give our employees the flexibility to find a work/life balance that actually suits them.

Our employees name us a best place to work

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Where will you shine?

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When I knew I wanted to make a transition from my old place of employment, I very quickly realized Spotlight was exactly what I was looking for. Through the interview process, I was able to meet or talk with a majority of the people here, including the founder of the company, and each person was more excited about their job than the last. We have a unique culture that celebrates even small successes with enthusiasm, and it’s really contagious. This isn’t a fun place to work in the sense that we have a slide or foosball table to escape work. It’s fun in that we don’t want to escape the work because it’s so rewarding to deliver for our clients and each other.

After a career working at large corporations, I could very easily see myself spending a career without passion or care about what I was working on or who I was working with. I was beginning to get jaded…thinking that “loving where you work” was a myth. Fortunately, I found Spotlight, where it didn’t take long to realize that this place was just different from any other stop in my career! Every single day I learn something new, improve as a professional by challenging myself, and meet some really cool people. At Spotlight, your teammates get more excited about your success than you do, and vice versa. With our growth and with our amazing team…it really is the best time to join Spotlight. 

After college I worked a few jobs and it wasn’t long before I realized I wanted a career, not just a place to make money. I was looking for a job that had fun people, work that would challenge me, and a place I could see myself long term. Spotlight turned out to be all of that and more. From the intentionality of the training and how welcome each person made me feel, to the opportunities I have had since then, Spotlight is a place I can see myself working for a long, long time. 

Working at Spotlight has opened up opportunities for me in an industry I was completely unfamiliar with at first. The work is exciting, and the environment is fast-paced, challenging, and fun. It’s the kind of place where you’re never bored, you’re encouraged to develop your knowledge and expertise daily, and you can explore aspects of your professional skillset that may have been put on the back burner at other jobs. Even though my parents still don’t understand what I do, coming to Spotlight was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional life.”

I have only been here two years and Spotlight has already provided opportunities for me I never thought possible.  Coming from a larger corporation, I had very little agency as an employee; with no room to try new things or be challenged, I felt very stagnant and unmotivated.  Very quickly Spotlight saw my value and provided me openings to advance my career and even allowed me to create a new position!  I have already learned and grown so much as both a person and professional.  Not to mention, being surrounded by people who are smart, hardworking, passionate, and funny makes me look forward to work every day.  

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