Gartner Sets Direction for Peer Insights with H2 2021 Update

Jul 28, 2021

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Gartner Sets Direction for Peer Insights with H2 2021 Update

Six key updates for Gartner’s Peer Insights offering:

  • Expanding coverage beyond Magic Quadrant and Market Guide categories (first phase coming Q4)
  • Reviewers can now leave reviews for multiple products in the same market (coming August)
  • Simplified ‘Add Product to Market’ request process (coming Q4)
  • Voice of the Customer reports will now have named quadrants – Customers’ Choice, Strong Performer, Established, and Aspiring (coming Q4)
  • Updated layout for Peer Lessons Learned reports (coming soon)
  • Integrated experiences within (ongoing process)

Market Expansion Key to GPI Long Term Strategy

Gartner’s stated goal for Peer Insights is to be “The undisputed leader for enterprise technology reviews.” But Gartner has struggled to keep pace with G2, TrustRadius, and IT Central Station in category coverage simply because Peer Insights review markets are tied to existing markets for which Gartner published a Magic Quadrant or Market Guide.

Starting in Q4 2021, Gartner will phase in new categories that are NOT tied to published analyst research. Based on their August list, new categories are already being pushed out. Peer Insights team leaders Anatoli Olkhevets and Shannon Wedding said these new categories will derive inclusion criteria from “the best [sources] of what’s available,” including primary research and vendor input. Analysts will be consulted, primarily to maintain continuity between PI markets and Gartner research markets, but for the most part the criteria decisions sit with the Peer Insights team.

Peer Insights currently covers 395 markets, compared to G2’s 1,700 markets, TrustRadius’ 582, and IT Central Station’s 697. Spotlight expects to see Peer Insights grow substantially throughout 2022 and beyond as it introduces this new market expansion strategy. Gartner Digital Markets sites like Capterra and SoftwareAdvice cover 700+ categories, which is where Spotlight expects Peer Insights to wind up in the coming years.

Review Multiple Products from a Vendor in a Single Market

Based on feedback from vendors, Gartner changed a policy limiting users to one review per market. Now, reviewers are able to leave reviews for multiple products from the same vendor within a single market.

This solves a problem for a number of vendors who sell multiple products aligned to a single category, in which reviewers were limited to reviewing a single product despite having experience with multiple products.

Gartner shared the example of a market in which Peer Insights tracked 99 products across 74 unique vendors, with as many as six products coming from one vendor.

In the future, users will not be limited to a single review per vendor – there is still a limit of one review per product, but this change should allow for more comprehensive review coverage.

Other Noteworthy Annoucements:

  • Simplified ‘Add Product to Market’ request process (coming Q4): Gartner plans to simplify the process by which vendors can add products to Peer Insights markets. The goal is to provide more clarity and detail at the beginning of the process so vendors can assess how their product compares to inclusion criteria and market-driven features.
  • Voice of the Customer reports will now have named quadrants – Customers’ Choice, Strong Performer, Established, and Aspiring (coming Q4): Gartner’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) reports are proving to be valuable resources for vendor marketers and an excellent source of reprint revenue for the firm. To mature the report, Gartner is mirroring its MQ methodology with named quadrants within the VoC report. This lets vendors outside the Customers’ Choice quadrant quote their placement in the report.
  • Updated layout for Peer Lessons Learned reports (coming soon): Similar to VoC reports, the Peer Lessons Learned documents are valuable reprint assets that will see an update in the immediate future. An updated layout will provide more informational value to readers and should make for “a more attractive reprint,” per Gartner.
  • Integrated experiences within (an ongoing process): Peer insights is already integrated into the experience, but there are plans to take that integration even further. Website pages, lists, and content menus across the site will see callouts for Peer Insights, elevating the visibility of the PI program for end-users. Gartner did not provide many specifics on this update but indicated it’s something the average user will notice, but it won’t be an obstacle to the current user flow.

For more information about Peer Insights and other peer review websites, start with Spotlight’s Guide to Peer Reviews Sites for AR Professionals. Got a question? Let us know!

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