6 Favorite Spotlight Resources From 2022

by Kendra Copeland

November 29, 2022

6 Favorite Spotlight Resources From 2022

Every year, Spotlight’s team of AR experts keeps up to date on the latest trends and implements best practices for AR programs throughout the globe. Whether you’re a first-time AR professional or have years of experience, we create resources to surface the latest and greatest in the world of AR. The Spotlight Way is designed to meet AR professionals where they are in their journey, with webinars, blogs, infographics, and guides ready to download. Before we close our laptops and celebrate the holiday season, let’s take a look at our six favorite resources in 2022.

Your Favorite Resources From This Year

WIM To Be An AR Pro Survey

In August, we wrapped up our third iteration of the What It Means To Be An AR Profesional survey webinar, where Co-founder Andrew Hsu and VP of Intelligence Steve Van Lieshout discussed AR’s challenges professionals face today, emerging trends of AR and the future outlook of AR. This survey was conducted with more than 100 analyst relations professionals to learn more about what being an AR Pro means to them in the post-pandemic era. Through our research, we gained valuable insights about industry benchmarks and the focus areas AR pros have defined for 2023 and beyond. If you were unable to attend the webinar, view the full recording or download our infographic to view our data findings.

Guide to Peer Review Sites E-book

We always aim to research industry data and share the results and best practices with our AR community. This July, we updated the “Guide to Peer Review Sites,” an online e-book helping AR Pros understand and prioritize initiatives related to sites like Gartner Peer Insights, TrustRadius, and Software Reviews to name a few, and break down how analyst relations professionals should take action. Download this link to see what’s inside the guide. 

Spotlight Oz 2 Release and Public Webinar

At the beginning of May, Spotlight officially launched the second iteration of Spotlight Oz technology platform, built for AR pros by AR pros. This platform helps AR teams streamline workflows, systematically capture insights and data, and share valuable analytics to provide value to your organization or key stakeholders. Through self-discovery, our product team made improvements to the existing platform to make the interface more AR friendly.  With the newest features, AR pros can seamlessly collaborate and have full visibility inside their teams’ interactions and perceptions of analysts they’re engaging with. Interested in learning more about the latest features or joining your team on Spotlight Oz? Reach out to schedule a personalized demo with the Oz team.  

Why AR is Essential During a Recession – Written by CEO and Co-Founder Rick Nash

In this blog, you’ll learn how upgrading AR processes during uncertain times could help financial executives buffer against persistent economic pressures as the demand between analyst firms and their clients continue to grow, brands become more cautious about their spending, and evaluative reports holding key information for your business are being published by well-known firms. Read the full blog.

How to Navigate Through the Analyst Relationship Maturity Model – Written by Client Partner Jonathan Glass

Whatever stage you’re at with your AR journey, this blog is your go-to resource for navigating the complexities of the AR Maturity model. We explain how the analyst relationship maturity model is used to gauge and track the progress of the relationship with each analyst that the client interacts with, broken down into five different categories: Advocate, Friendly, Acquaintance, Stranger, and Detractor, along with best practices on how to use AR insights to combat any negative feedback or skepticism from analysts of your product or service. Read the full blog.

5 Things to Know About Industry Analysts – Written by Client Partner Spenser Murra

Industry Analysts in the world of AR are no secret. In fact, they are considered a vital part of any PR strategy as they influence key decision-makers such as clients, investors, and potential customers through their forecasts and published research. Yes, they help a firm see a real business impact from AR, but there’s much more to them beyond their research. This blog tells you everything you need to know about the importance and role industry analysts play in analyst relations and why organizations interact with them to make informed decisions ahead of the competition and stay in sync with market and customer dynamics. Read the full blog.

Out with the old, in with the new!

We greatly appreciate the strong relationships we’ve built with our clients and AR professionals over the years. Their continued support in following along our AR journey and finding value in the research and data we share never goes unnoticed. Make sure to stay updated on our social media pages for announcements on upcoming resources. 

We are excited about taking our practice to the next level and arming you with the techniques your business needs for 2023. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!