Insights-Driven Analyst Relations

An approach to analyst relations that creates real change, channel recognition, better businesses, and productive relationships.

What is Insights-Driven AR?

Insights-driven AR is an approach to analyst relations that focuses on capturing and activating what analysts say about our product, competitors, and market. By streamlining our efforts around insights, we maximize what we earn from the channel – analysts advocates, better evaluation performance, and improved business outcomes.

What are Insights?

Insights are analyst feedback on our business, views into our competitors, and observations on our market/customers/prospects captured during an interaction or via published research.

We believe there are four types of analyst insights:

AR intel

Information regarding research timing, evaluation report qualifications, briefing feedback, etc.

Market intel

Analyst observations on market trends, buying behavior, budgets, trending nomenclature, etc.

Competit-ive intel

Analyst observations on your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, areas of momentum, investments, etc.

Analyst feedback

Analyst commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of your product/service offerings, go-to-market-strategy, business and customers, and position in the market.

How does Insights-Driven AR work?

When analysts share insights during interactions or published research, those insights are categorized and analyzed to develop strategic actions. They are also distributed to relevant business leaders who benefit from analysts’ feedback.

These strategic actions can be easily measured and tied back to specific program and business goals. Once the actions are taken – briefings, inquiries, advisory days, etc. – new insights emerge that are then captured, analyzed and distributed.

As this cycle continues, AR pros have clear, measurable objectives based on analysts’ perceptions and business leaders have visibility into analysts’ feedback.

Why do Insights-Driven AR?

Insights-Driven AR benefits all players in AR teams:


Provide clear and specific direction for your AR activities


Elevate the value and therefore importance of the AR function in your firm


Provide business leaders with clearer perspective on the market


Build better and more productive relationships

Dive Deep on Insights-Driven AR

Our free webinars walk through what this approach is, how it can impact your planning and metrics, and why it will enable you to truly impact your business.

Insights-Driven AR Tools

Our analyst relations platform Spotlight Oz was built to support the insights-driven approach to AR.

We built Spotlight Oz so that everyone – not just us – could have a tool that actually helps them be efficient, effective, and insights-driven.


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