Spotlight Oz: The Platform Built for AR Pros by AR Pros

by Joi Smith

October 16, 2023

Spotlight Oz: The Platform Built for AR Pros by AR Pros

As an analyst relations pro, you have a tall mandate. You need a technology platform that can keep up with your unique needs, and help you work more efficiently and effectively. Enter Spotlight Oz. This blog is essential for understanding how Spotlight Oz will help you streamline workflows, efficiently capture data and insights, improve collaboration, share analytics leveraging the platform’s dashboard tool, and more. Discover why Spotlight Oz is the go-to platform for AR professionals. Let’s dive in.

Empowering Confident Conversations with Spotlight Oz Explore

With Explore, users have access to robust search engine capability built within the platform making it easier than ever to find and explore the right analysts for your program, including detailed information about analyst coverage areas, research updates, and insights curated directly from the Spotlight Analyst Desk. 

Whether you’re looking to discover analysts covering a specific market or want to understand their take on a new market trend, Spotlight Oz’s Explore feature provides the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information available. With Explore, you can be confident that you’re engaging the right analysts at the right time.

Spotlight Oz’s Prep Docs Transform Your Workflow

As AR pros know, preparing leaders for an interaction is one of the most impactful, yet tedious, parts of the role. Spotlight Oz’s prep doc functionality is here to help. There are two prep doc options to choose from: Express or Customized. With Express, you can generate a briefing book to share with your leadership in seconds. If you need a more tailored approach, our Customized option allows you to select the insights and feedback you need with just a few clicks. 

No more scrolling through past interaction notes trying to understand the key takeaways. Lean on Spotlight Oz to create a comprehensive prep doc your leaders want to read while saving an average of thirty minutes on prep work.

Elevate Your AR Strategy with Seamless MailChimp Integration

In today’s fast-paced analyst landscape, staying in touch with industry analysts is crucial for informed decision-making and market strategy. AR pros understand the importance of going beyond the surface to establish meaningful connections. That’s why we’re excited to announce seamless integration with MailChimp, a trusted and widely-used resource in the market. 

AR professionals can quickly and efficiently manage mass communications aligned with their AR program strategy. Send newsletters, press releases, event invites, and other important updates to analyst contacts, while enjoying the familiar functionalities of a world-class email marketing platform. Spotlight Oz becomes your single source of truth, empowering AR professionals to transcend the ordinary and elevate their relationships with analysts. Trust and innovation converge in Spotlight Oz to provide a mail integration solution that enhances the quality of relationships with analysts.

Revolutionize Your Program with AI-Driven Insights

Your leaders are prepped and now it’s time to engage with the analyst. As an AR pro, you’re on the call to capture the conversation and identify the most valuable pieces of information to take back to your leaders. With Spotlight Oz’s AI-enabled insights and debriefs, we do the follow-up work for you. 

With the click of a button, you’ll be able to generate insights and a comprehensive debrief that can be immediately shared with your leaders. AR pros no longer have to spend another 30-minutes after the engagement deciphering insights and summarizing the meeting. Spotlight Oz does this in seconds making your job easier and proving the value of the channel with timely, actionable takeaways for your business leaders.

Journey to AR Excellence

AR is a dynamic industry and Spotlight Oz is an essential partner in propelling your AR program forward. To see the power of Spotlight Oz, we invite you to check out our video showcasing the platform in action and register for our upcoming webinar on Nov. 7 at 12 pm CST.

If you find yourself ready to experience Spotlight Oz don’t hesitate to connect with our team for a comprehensive, hands-on demo. The journey to AR excellence begins with Spotlight Oz.