Women Empowering Women: Celebrating the Impact of Female Leaders at Spotlight

by Andrea Coburn

March 3, 2023

Women Empowering Women: Celebrating the Impact of Female Leaders at Spotlight

On this International Women’s Day, Spotlight would like to take a moment to recognize and express our deep appreciation for the incredible women who work at our firm. Your dedication, skills, and hard work are instrumental in driving our success and propelling our company forward. In line with Spotlight’s focus on employee experience (more about our employee-centric culture here), we are sharing how internal committees like Women of Spotlight bring value to our employees. 

The Women of Spotlight (WOS) operate as part of the Spotlight Employee Experience committee with the mission to foster a healthy and engaging environment for women at Spotlight by creating learning and development opportunities for all employees (women and allies).

By focusing on creating a safe space with personal and professional development opportunities, WOS hopes to empower the next generation of female leaders and raise awareness around the unique challenges that women face in the workplace. 

Hear from our employees how Women of Spotlight has impacted their experience:

“As a female growing in her early career and also entering motherhood simultaneously, I am incredibly thankful that I have had a community of women to lean on for support. Whether we’re in similar positions or if they’ve “been there, done that” I find the core of the connection to shaping my identity at work. I couldn’t be more thankful that Spotlight recognizes the importance of this group by providing an environment that allows it to flourish.” – Amanda Ormsby, Director of Customer Success 

“I am proud to work at a company that takes action in support of women (instead of just talking about it). Not only are we encouraged to support each other with 1:1 time, group sessions, professional development programming, and official and unofficial mentoring, but leadership actively supports our efforts and are active participants in discussions.” – Molly Gregory, Client Executive

“I am thankful to work at an organization that creates a space for me to meaningfully collaborate with my female colleagues in a way that advances our thinking and improves our overall experience in the workplace.” – Nichole Wright, Client Executive

“Women are presented with unique challenges in the workplace. Knowing that you are not alone helps you feel heard and seen. To have an organization like the Women of Spotlight, that allows women to lean on and learn from one another as we travel on our professional journey together, is not only encouraging but also empowering.” – Nicki Williams, Client Executive

At Spotlight, we’re committed to fostering and supporting a generation of female leaders. Women make up 59% of Spotlight, 56% of people leaders at Spotlight, which includes 57% of current senior client-facing roles being filled by women. We’re proud to support the women of our organization through a variety of resources such as guest speaker series, intimate roundtable discussions, and an advocate who meets with leadership regularly to discuss the unique experience women face at work each day. 

Are you looking to join a team of dynamic and driven women? Check out our website and apply today!