AR: There's Value Beyond the Dot

by J.P. Deckert

January 11, 2024

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AR: There's Value Beyond the Dot

As AR programs mature, it’s tempting to gauge success solely based on placement in evaluative research. While dot placement is crucial, the true value of AR lies beyond the dot.

Yes, dot placement matters, but tying the program’s worth to occasional evaluations (not to mention the uncertainty of retiring reports or receiving less-than-ideal placement) limits the program’s potential. If AR’s value is confined to infrequent assessments, you’re not getting the most out of your program.

So, where can you enhance AR’s impact and add value beyond the dot? Let’s explore three opportunities to make sure you’re getting the most out of your program.

Team up with leaders in sales, marketing, and product to brainstorm insightful questions each quarter that they’d like to explore with analysts. Shape AR initiatives around these questions as your north star. Engage with analysts through briefings and inquiries, keeping the focus on moving closer to answers. After gathering sufficient insights, validate their value by seeking feedback from leaders.

In a data-driven world, executives are searching for more intelligence. Tap into analysts’ expertise to uncover insights on customer sentiment, market perceptions, and competitor standings. Consistently ask analysts about customer feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. By leveraging their ongoing conversations with customers and competitors, analysts provide invaluable insights into your market position.

Companies often think they must be fully polished during analyst engagements. This misses a golden opportunity to engage analysts in a beneficial way that will also help strengthen your relationship. Schedule inquiries on future roadmaps and “half-baked” ideas, inviting analysts to collaborate on those solutions. This provides valuable intel for product teams but also opens doors for potential thought leadership opportunities in the future.

Closing the feedback loop on these approaches is critical for their success, so take what you’ve learned from your interactions and research, and synthesize it into bold and brief statements. Follow these statements up with questions to ask your leaders:

  • Are analysts understanding our position accurately?
  • Do we have additional case studies that can provide them more clarity?
  • Which specific areas of insight require further exploration and understanding?

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