How Analyst Relations Teams Can Win The AR Super Bowl

by Kirsten Moore

May 22, 2023

How Analyst Relations Teams Can Win The AR Super Bowl

2023 has been a great year for many. For those of us in Kansas City, it has been especially memorable with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. No matter who your team is, we can all appreciate the amount of preparation that goes into playing a sport at that level. Countless practices and physical endurance tests, but perhaps even more important are the hours spent pouring over the data about each player’s performance.

Imagine you were preparing for the Super Bowl, but didn’t review any film on your opponent or analyze any of the stats about your team’s prior performance. It is ridiculous to imagine and would put your team at a complete disadvantage. Now imagine you are an Analyst Relations (AR) professional and you spend hours and hours with analysts and reviewing research, but you completely ignore all of the data and insights that came out of those interactions.

Sounds like a missed opportunity, right?

AR pros are often overloaded with competing priorities, interactions, and stakeholder expectations, leaving them short on time to explore valuable insights from multiple sources. This rich intelligence is necessary to elevate the AR function as a true strategic partner in the business.

Up-Level Your AR Program Through Strategic Intelligence Rooted in Analyst Insight

Over the last decade, analyst relations practitioners have evolved from expert task managers to strategic intelligence masters. Fueled by mountains of insights from analyst engagements and research, they are now able to provide invaluable intelligence back to the business, from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Analyst evaluative research
  • User reviews
  • Survey Data
  • Analyst interviews
  • Inquiry analytics

Need an extra hand? Spotlight can help you synthesize your data sources in a meaningful way that will help drive impact for your business. Our team of experts will turn data into actionable intelligence for your leadership team and business partners to help stay ahead of the competition.

Spotlight Intelligence as the Catalyst to Win Your AR Super Bowl

Spotlight Intelligence is a key component to helping your team win the analyst relations Super Bowl. Imagine a comprehensive, actionable market and competitive intelligence offering rooted in analyst insight. Let Spotlight go to work and analyze countless data sources for you to provide next-level AR value. 

We’d love to hear from you (to talk AR, Intelligence, or Chiefs football anytime).