Because best-in-class AR leads to being a strategic partner

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Because best-in-class AR leads to being a strategic partner

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Spotlight Oz has enabled a rich, insights-driven Analyst Relations program within our organization. The team collaboration capabilities and the seamless capture of insights within the solution help our AR team be a true strategic partner to our stakeholders.

I’ve been using Spotlight Oz to execute my AR program, track outcomes and build internal support. The ability to quickly capture key feedback and track analyst sentiment lets me generate meaningful insights proving AR’s impact and value for specific business functions. It makes my job much easier.

As a Spotlight client who uses Spotlight Oz, I can recommend that anyone who has ever thought about ARchitect should check out Spotlight Oz. It’s a well-thought-out, flexible platform that integrates with/solves for the most strategic workflows in an analyst relations program, without the bloat.

Why Spotlight Oz?

Deliver meaningful impact to your business

Analyze and visualize analyst perceptions of your business, your competition, and your place in the market via insights-driven AR reporting.

Become a more strategic partner

Provide each department in your organization an informed view of their work with analyst insights.

Spotlight Oz Powers Insights-Driven Programs

Leverage the power of insights to track trends across your program

Spotlight Oz is built around our insights-driven analyst relations methodology. Insights captured from analyst interactions can be a sensor to the market, allowing you to track trends and evolve your strategy.


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What do you need for your team?

Every AR team has unique needs, but we’re confident Spotlight Oz will be the solution for you. Set up a meeting with us to discuss more details about how Spotlight Oz can work for your team.

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The insights-driven practices our platform is founded on

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