The only platform for insights-driven AR

Make your work easier, your impact bigger, and your value recognized.

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The only platform for insights-driven AR

Make your work easier, your impact bigger, and your value recognized.

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Built by AR pros, for AR pros

For years, we operated our AR programs in spreadsheets, email, and project management tools, because we just couldn’t find a commercially available tool that completely met our needs.

We built Spotlight Oz so our AR teams could execute an insights-driven AR program in one tool. Spotlight Oz allows:

  • AR pros to plan all of their work and execute it seamlessly
  • AR teams can collaborate with visibility into each other’s work and progress
  • AR programs can impact the business by easily sharing critical insights gleaned from analysts.

Streamline your daily work

Spotlight Oz is the only technology solution for AR that gives you the ability to:

  • Do all of your daily tasks inside the tool. Request interactions, take notes, capture insights, and log all activity.
  • Plan all of your future interactions against a backdrop of your program obstacles. Visually forecast what interactions are needed next.
  • Collaborate with your teammates. Share insights, feedback, and takeaways, all organized in the tool.

Get credit for every effort

Create strategic plans that automatically keep track of the strategic actions you take.

  • Track program metrics, interactions, and outcomes for all analysts and initiatives in your program.
  • Understand which analysts you put most of your efforts towards and what the payoff is.
  • Filter and sort data by time to be visualized within the tool, or to be exported for external use.

Activate analyst perceptions

Capture and organize all of the valuable insights analysts provide on interactions or published research. 

  • Record the opinions, feedback, and perspective analysts have about your business and market in five major categories.
  • Quickly visualize the sentiment of those opinions and see how they change over time.
  • Retrieve specific verbatim commentary to influence business planning and product management and showcase AR’s value and impact.

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If you’re interested in seeing inside Spotlight Oz, schedule a demo with us. We’ll share how Spotlight Oz could help your AR program be more efficient and effective.

Take a Look Inside

Spotlight Oz gives us more visibility than ever into how analysts feel about our strengths and weaknesses, opportunities in our roadmap, and market potential. We’re able to seamlessly collaborate on AR initiatives and generate meaningful learnings from the channel while continuing to achieve our AR objectives.

Having done AR and PR for several decades, I can say with high confidence that Spotlight Oz is a must-have. It is a highly-effective tool for being organized and strategic with your AR program. Plus, their customer service is stellar.

As a Spotlight client who uses Spotlight Oz, I can recommend that anyone who has ever thought about ARchitect should check out Spotlight Oz. It’s a well-thought-out, flexible platform that integrates with/solves for the most strategic workflows in an analyst relations program, without the bloat.

Why switch to Spotlight Oz?

Whether you’re using no platform at all or the other tool in the market, making the switch to Spotlight Oz will simplify your days and amplify your impact. Stop cobbling together your own macro-spreadsheet-shared drive-word processing-calendar monstrosity; stop using an AR platform that only empowers you to do half of your job.

Take a tour of Spotlight Oz and see why the switch is right for you.

Spotlight Oz Plus

Spotlight Oz Plus is a set of services in addition to the Spotlight Oz platform. We’ll help you track inclusion in analyst research, provide updates on analysts beyond their public bios, and offer AR assistance where you need it.

Report Inclusion Tracking

Beyond the Bio Updates

Expert AR Assistance

The insights-driven practices our platform is founded on

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Ready to switch?

Schedule a meeting with Eden, one of our customer success champions. She’ll show you how your program could look inside the tool, answer any questions you have, and discuss how to transfer any historical data into Spotlight Oz.

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