The only platform for insights-driven analyst relations

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The only platform for insights-driven analyst relations

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As a Spotlight client who uses Spotlight Oz, I can recommend that anyone who has ever thought about ARchitect should check out Spotlight Oz. It’s a well-thought-out, flexible platform that integrates with/solves for the most strategic workflows in an analyst relations program, without the bloat.

Spotlight Oz gives us more visibility than ever into how analysts feel about our strengths and weaknesses, opportunities in our roadmap, and market potential. We’re able to seamlessly collaborate on AR initiatives and generate meaningful learnings from the channel while continuing to achieve our AR objectives.

Having done AR and PR for several decades, I can say with high confidence that Spotlight Oz is a must-have. It is a highly-effective tool for being organized and strategic with your AR program. Plus, their customer service is stellar.

Why switch to Spotlight Oz?

Elevated AR impact

Visualize and reveal analyst perceptions of you, your competition, and your market via insights-driven AR reporting.

Visibility across your team

See what’s happening across your whole team. View activities, spot trends, and track progress towards individual and shared objectives.

One collective memory

Have one repository of every insight, interaction, and piece of intel your entire AR program executes… forever.

Consistent AR execution

Let everyone on your team plan interactions, prepare speakers, take notes, and debrief the same way.

Collaboration among practitioners

Ensure analyst interactions across team members are coordinated and that learnings from all interactions are shared back across the program.

Training and customer support

Our AR experts will make sure your team is fully trained and set up for success every step of the way.

What do you need for your team?

Every AR team has unique needs, but we’re confident Spotlight Oz will be the solution for you. Set up a meeting with us to discuss more details about how Spotlight Oz can work for your team.

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How we compare

While we’re one choice in the market of analyst relations platforms, we built ours on fundamentally different principles than our competition.

The insights-driven practices our platform is founded on

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