Spotlight Oz Testimonial: How Blue Yonder Leverages Insights Inside Spotlight Oz

by Kendra Copeland

August 5, 2022

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Spotlight Oz Testimonial: How Blue Yonder Leverages Insights Inside Spotlight Oz

At Spotlight, we are passionate about the world of analyst relations and we love the opportunity to partner with AR-obsessed clients. We recently sat down with Celeste White, Senior Director of Global Analyst Relations for Blue Yonder to learn how her team has leveraged Spotlight Oz’s insights-driven methodology to deliver strategic value back to their business and how Celeste uses the platform to manage her active team. 

With over 20 years of AR experience, Celeste currently serves as the liaison between AR and leadership. Celeste manages key relationships between industry analysts and Blue Yonder’s subject matter experts, driving program strategy and quality conversations through impactful analyst engagements and expert communication. 

Spotlight Oz has helped me capture insights from analyst interactions through the ability to capture engagement notes and extrapolate the insights using Oz. Having all of those insights in one place makes it easier to quickly leverage them from one interaction to another. 

At Blue Yonder, we’ve been able to utilize Spotlight Oz for reporting our metrics for the leadership team because the engagement activities along with the notes, insights, as well as the sentiments are tracked very easily in Oz, and then we can pull those metrics as needed. I’m able to include those in quick meeting updates, more strategic meetings where I share those updates with our team or AR strategy meetings. My team has created dashboards for key business units, for example, Supply Chain Planning, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and Commerce, and then I’m able to quickly report back to leadership and those key stakeholders with those results. 

Spotlight Oz has helped us increase our overall program visibility within our AR relations program because we’re able to take a large amount of information and interaction data and make it consumable for me to revert back to my key stakeholders and leadership team. 

Thank you to Celeste for sharing the impact of Spotlight Oz. With an insights-driven methodology and intentional design, we are excited to partner with great companies as they take their AR programs to the next level. If you’re interested in learning more about what Spotlight Oz can do for you, please reach out to schedule a personalized demo with our team!

Watch the full testimonial from Celeste on our Youtube channel!