Using AR Intelligence to Inform Product Strategy

by Laura Blaydon

December 12, 2023

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Using AR Intelligence to Inform Product Strategy

In a recent post we reviewed ways to up-level your AR program through strategic intelligence rooted in analyst insight. For tech companies, one of the most compelling applications of AR intelligence is refining product development strategies by comprehending category trends, understanding buyer needs and assessing competitive landscapes.

Addressing Market Evolution: A Case Study

Spotlight recently partnered with a forward-thinking martech/ad tech client who presented a unique challenge. They were undergoing significant evolution in their tech platform and sought to harness analyst insight to refine their product strategy and immediate roadmap. The product team, in close alignment with analyst relations, had been actively engaging with analysts and sought a deeper dive to shape high-priority enhancements for the next 12-18 months.

A Holistic Approach: Merging User Reviews, Analyst Insights, and Research

Our approach involved a meticulous analysis of more than 300 user reviews to glean insights into user needs, product preferences, and considerations of various vendors. This qualitative data was then combined with an evaluation of market trends and competitive landscapes derived from analyst research and inquiry analysis. The result was a comprehensive, multi-sourced set of actionable recommendations that could be seamlessly integrated across the organization.

Outcome: Informed Product Strategy and Roadmap

The impact was substantial. Not only did our analysis provide foundational insights to guide the product roadmap, but it also pinpointed potential capability gaps and unexplored market opportunities for our client. In several instances, AR-driven intelligence emerged as a decisive factor, acting as a “tie-breaker” for the product team and influencing decisions on new investments or reinvigorating specific features.

Collaborative Success: Extending Beyond Product Teams

As part of a joint initiative between the product and analyst relations teams, the study’s results exceeded expectations. The insights gained resonated across the organization, garnering attention from marketing, sales, and the executive team. One enthusiastic comment from our AR client encapsulated the sentiment: “This work has legs! I hear about it almost every week from a different group.”

Getting Started

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